Our enterprise is a member of the following Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Advisor and Auditor in environmental protection

In the Association for Sustainable Environmental Management ( Verband für nachhaltiges Umweltmanagement e.V. [VNU]) we exchange experience and knowledge with technical experts from different European countries. INNO-CON often organizes projects related to Eastern Europe. Participating in different bodies of the Association we contribute to the state-of-the-art in the area of management systems.

Energy Management

INNO-CON in cooperation with M-V ENA and the Ministry of Economics and Labour in the federal state Saxony-Anhalt is the co-founder of Energy-Efficiency-Network MITTE (Energie-Effizienz-Netzwerk MITTE). In the network INNO-CON plays the role of technical and energy advisor.

Nine Naumburg Nights

INNO-CON has been supporting the cultural program Nine Naumburg Nights for many years

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