Hazardous Waste Management

On one hand, modern high-specialized installations in central European countries have great possibilities for reutilization of hazardous waste; on the other hand, waste generators in other countries need secure, legal compliant and reliable ways for disposal of production waste.

Our engineers help enterprises/factories to find out suitable reutilization ways for their waste to save resources and reduce impacts to the environment. This services include, are not limited to waste declaration with analyses from accredited German laboratories, identification of installations, first reutilization test, compilation of notification documents for the competent authorities in all related countries (EU/non-EU), organization and supervision of the transport by train, truck or ship (or in some cases by plane).

Of course, it is important to identify and fulfill special requirements by various authorities, e.g. related to ADR/RID, or especially those of the National Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water in Hungary.

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