Innovation & Consulting

INNO-CON's team of professionals provide management and environmental consulting services to a broad variety German and Eastern European public and private organisations.

Eurofins Group

In February 2006 the Eurofins Group acquires the majority share of the laboratory department.
The consulting department was transferred into the Innovation & Consulting Ltd. (a.k.a.: INNO-CON).


Up to now more and more projects were carried out in other countries:

Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, and Ukraine. Topics are seminars, workshops, environmental audits and consultancy.

The "Umweltinnovationszentrum"

In 2003 the „Umweltinnovationszentrum“ was bought and integrated in our company in 2006.


The development of individual management systems becomes main focus of our specialist team of consultans and auditors.
Flagship project: the so called “Honsel Management System” for Honsel, a light-metal processing corporation.


Since the late 1990ies we have increased the business area investigation and remediation of hazardous and contaminated sites is increasing.

New areas of work were developed: management systems for environment, quality, occupational health and safety, seminars, auditing of management systems.

Reference projects:

• Hydrierwerk Zeitz (1995 – 1998)
• Investigation of hazardous and contaminated sites (since 1993)
• Projects for LMBV
• Supervision of dismantling of industrial sites, such as sugar factories and other


is active in the German and East European market since 1992, in the areas of laboratory, and environmental technology and consulting, in brief „LUCON“.

The services are the development and implementation of:

• Monitoring techniques to analyze water and soil
• Risk management projects, including Environmental impact assessment and Due Diligence
• Engineering techniques and management tools for environmental planning, quality assurance and development of management systems, such as occupational health & safety, quality and environment management systems and their integrated variants

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