4. Environmental Manager Day Southeast Europe, 5th October 2016, Sofia

Date: 5th October 2016

Place: Sofia, Hotel Marinela


At the Environmental Manager Day Southeast Europe, environmental managers from the leading Bulgarian industrial companies discussed questions of environment management, waste management, and immission protection with three Ministry of Environment representatives and numerous representatives from regional environment agencies.


For each of these topics, representatives of the Ministry of Environment, German speakers and Bulgarian practitioners were present. Many legal environmental details provided sufficient discussion material so that there was an exciting atmosphere right up until the event of the event.


The event was rated at 5,6 by the participants (the marks are switched here, meaning 6 is excellent and 5 very good)


In a meeting, nine participants expressed a desire for a Bulgarian section of the VNU. Those interested came from international as well as Bulgarian companies. As a long term board member, Heiko Schmidt explained the goals and operation of the VNU.


The preparation of this fourth Environmental Manager Day was again carried out by INNO-CON. The next EMD is planned for October 2017, as requested by participants and organisers.


Here the prensentation as download:

N. Hristova (MoEW)Dr. Schink (DQS)L. Patarchanova (MoEW)INNO-CON, Ecomax, Dr. Deblitz (TRG)I. Angelov (MoEW)H. Lorentz (Lohmeyer)Kostov/Cholakova (AURUBIS)

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